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Let us Help you to control your Diabetes

Updated: Apr 5

In these tough times, when there is already so much stress because

of Covid- 19, diabetes also scares us. It is believed that Covid-19 gets

worse with comorbidities. But, during these hard times, we are here

to help you!

While diabetes can’t be cured, it can surely be controlled. And if you

are willing to control your diabetes in a month, you are at the right


Diabetes is a balancing act. There should be a sync between the food

you eat, the amount of exercise you do and the medicines you take.

What all can happen if blood sugar levels are not controlled?

If the blood sugar levels are not controlled, it can lead to various

health problems. In the long run, important body organs can also be

damaged like the kidneys, heart, nerves, eyes and this can lead to

heart strokes, vision problems, nerve problems and kidney damage.

Why can’t diabetes be cured?

The disease can go into remission, but currently no cure of diabetes

is found. A1C level below 6 percent is considered as a significant

factor for remission. A1C levels indicate a person’s blood sugar level

over 3 months. Remission can be of different types:

1. Partial Remission- When the blood sugar level of a person is

remained lower than that of a diabetic person for 1 year or

more without the need of any diabetes medication.

2. Complete Remission- When the blood sugar level comes to the

normal level for at least 1 year without the need of any

diabetes medication.

3. Prolonged Remission- When the Complete Remission, i.e.,

when the blood sugar level comes to normal level for at least 5

years without the use of any diabetes medication.

Diabetes is never considered cured. Even if a person maintains

normal blood sugar level for 10-15 years, he would be still

considered diabetic but in remission.

Ways to control diabetes

1. Follow a healthy diet

2. Exercise daily

3. Check your blood sugar levels often

4. Take the medication as directed by your doctor

Beside performing all these 4 steps, we would love to introduce our

exclusive product that is for sure going to help you not only with

diabetes but also by boosting your immunity, purifying your blood,

treating skin conditions, improving digestion etc.

Smartveda presents Kadwa Amrit to you. Kadwa Amrit is a

combination of seven high quality herbs, accumulated from all over

the Indian subcontinent, it is the perfect anti-diabetic formula. In

addition to managing your blood sugar levels Kadwa Amrit also

resorts your lost energy, strength and vigor. It is a great immunity

booster and purifies blood.

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